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    Enabling a positive future: A vision for inclusive growth

    Old Mutual Emerging Markets CEO, Peter Moyo believes the financial services industry, in particular, has a pivotal role to play in promoting sustainable economic gro...
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    At the Coalface

    We spoke to some of our boutique heads to learn how they integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and realise responsible investment within their...
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    Wealth Insigths

    Kerrin Land, CEO of Old Mutual Wealth, gives her views on the shifting wealth landscape and the impact of responsible investment and sustainability themes.

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    What will South Africa look like in 2030?

    Whatever the contestation about the National Development Plan’s implementation, Trevor Manuel maintains that it remains a unique opportunity to jointly plan, d...
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    Low carbon investment in listed equity – What’s the risk

    Investors have strategic choices in respect of managing carbon risk. They can choose to wait for carbon to be fully priced, seek to maintain market level returns whi...
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    Healing the rift

    How can the trust deficit between Government and business in South Africa addressed? Without a solution we face limited poverty alleviation and economic growth. ...
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    The genesis of a low growth trap

    South Africa’s experience is strongly representative of an economy in the midst of a middle income country growth trap — a cycle of persistently low econ...
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    Built to last? – ESG Perspectives for Listed Property

    When you think of the impact of industry on the environment, property may not immediately come to mind. Yet according to the Environment and Energy Study Institute, ...
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    A new age of ethical excellence

    Business needs to move ethical considerations to the centre of decision-making. This is more urgent in South Africa where the country’s huge ethical and societ...
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    The State of Entrepreneurship

    The complexities, particularly from the perspective of building truly entrepreneurial mindsets, are greater than we realise.
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    Let's get to work

    Economist Tinyiko Ngwenya explores the reasons behind South Africa’s most urgent challenge – our unemployment crisis. And looks at how we can fix it.
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    Two Global Megatrends Converge

    Investors are increasingly incorporating Responsible Investment approaches intro their strategies. Similarly, index investing is also experiencing in increased uptak...
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    A Road Map for SA’s Energy Future

    Energy planning is a global priority, and private sector participation is critical to achieving sustainable energy solutions.
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    Building Blocks for Africa

    Sub-Saharan Africa currently ranks at the bottom of all developing regions in nearly all dimensions of infrastructure performance. It’s a challenging story, bu...
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    Does ESG Drive Alpha in Emerging Markets

    Our research indicates that investing in a portfolio of companies in emerging markets that rate well on ESG factors can lead to superior returns.
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    Vertical Indoor Farming

    Industry stakeholders are exploring climate adaptation for African agriculture and investigating climate-resilient sustainable projects to ensure food security.
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    Will Populism Trump Climate Change?

    Populist nationalism tends to either wholly reject the science of climate change and/or does not view it as a priority concern. Will it be a stumbling block to limit...
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    A World of Change

    Climate effects and the El Niño Impact on our world.
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    Our Impact on behalf of our clients

    Our commitment to responsible investment by numbers.
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    Under Construction

    Sustainability is a competitive advantage in the affordable housing sector. 
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    Investing in our future water security

    Tomorrow’s water security will require special consideration of ecological infrastructure when investing in new agroforestry, infrastructure and mines in water...
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    Joining Forces: A Framework for Value Creation

    We demonstrate our responsible ownership approach and highlight some research findings here to illustrate what value can be created.
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    Focusing on long-term outcomes

    Despite the breakneck speed characterising the pace of today’s world, Director of Investments, Hywel George still firmly believes it’s those with a long-...
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    5 Key ESG trends of 2017

    What trends have influenced the practices, processes and policies regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors this year. 
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    Our global to-do list

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a global call to action to end poverty, protect the environment and ensure that al...
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    Leading good governance in the fixed income environment

    Good governance lies at the heart of a sustainable business that delivers returns for ALL the stakeholders of the business. 
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    Sustainable development goals

    Our achievements in relation to the SDGs. 
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