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15 Feb 2017
The February 2017 edition of Fundamentals, our monthly thought leadership newsletter, is now available.

Download The Full Publication: Fundamentals February 2017 (PDF | 4 MB)


 In this month's edition:

Key growth areas for Private Equity in 2017

While South Africa continues to exhibit sluggish levels of growth, there are certain industries which are ripe with opportunity for private equity capital in 2017.

Download: Fundamentals February 2017: Private Equity Key Growth Areas (PDF | 1.5 MB)

US policy a key uncertainty for the global growth outlook

World growth should improve this year, but US Fed tightening and trade frictions are some of the headwinds.

Download: Fundamentals February 2017: US Policy (PDF | 264 KB)

Rand defiant in face of capital outflows and local politics

While a number of issues may be supporting the rand, a stronger US dollar could be its undoing.

Download: Fundamentals February 2017: Rand Defiant (PDF | 842 KB)

Global bond markets at the mercy of us politics

The rise in reflation trade will keep the bond markets on the back foot.

Download: Fundamentals February 2017: Global Bond Markets (PDF | 415 KB)

Opening doors for first-time homeowners

Providing 20 000 families with affordable access to the property market brings about real social transformation.

Download: Fundamentals February 2017: Opening Doors (PDF | 248 KB)

Full marks for impact investing

Our education crisis is an opportunity use capital for both purpose and performance.

Download: Fundamentals February 2017: Impact Investing (PDF | 418 KB)


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