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2017 Impact Report

5 Sep 2017
Old Mutual Investment Group’s commitment to sustainability is embedded in the way we work. By investing in opportunities associated with a low-carbon and socially inclusive economy; supporting and developing our people and the communities in which we invest, operate and live; and ensuring our business consistently seeks to reduce its environmental impact, we aim to benefit our investors and meaningfully contribute to the long-term stability of the financial markets and society.

Internally, our business invests in our people and works to ensure we have a diverse staff complement that represents the composition of our nation and contributes to South Africa’s transformation agenda. Through scholarships and training programmes, we are able to help previously disadvantaged individuals develop crucial skills at various stages of their lives, thereby ensuring that more South Africans are part of our growth story. We are also wholeheartedly committed to supporting the most vulnerable members of our communities. Our corporate social initiatives thus fund projects we have identified as being worthy because they empower and develop our communities and take care of those most in need.

A growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that have an impact on business has shaped our approach to sustainability as an asset manager. Today, asset owners care more than ever before about how financial returns are generated. Recognising that ESG factors are critical to achieving our clients’ goals enables us to be successful responsible investment stewards for our clients’ capital. By integrating ESG factors into their investment philosophies and processes and investing in the green economy, our investment boutiques demonstrate that sustainability is not a barrier to progress but an essential step in securing the long-term growth of our economy, which means securing more jobs, better quality lives and the potential to build wealth.

To find out more, download our 2017 Impact Report
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