• Successful investors choose investment vehicles to suit their profiles

    17 July 2020
    The aim of understanding investors’ risk profile is to select a portfolio that balances the return investors want with the risk they are willing to take to achieve that return.
  • Why invest globally

    18 May 2020
    Investing in global equities offers investors access to global economies, participation in the global growth of economies, diversification, access to industries not available in South Africa and is a currency hedge.

    21 April 2020
    A summary of the March 2020 FTSE/JSE Quarterly Index review
  • Local Equity Index Characteristics

    27 March 2020
    In this edition we specifically look at the local equity indices and provide a better understanding of how indices differ from each other.
  • Equity Indices Performance - Looking at the last decade

    11 March 2019
    Equity is a key building block in any well diversified investment portfolio, as it is expected to beat inflation over the long term. The long-term horizon gives your money time to work, and time to enjoy the benefits of compound interest.
  • Index Investing: Addressing FAQs

    08 October 2018
    Stanley will unpack index investing for you and address the questions we are most frequently asked as index portfolio managers.
  • What all investors should know about index investing

    24 July 2017
    Index-linked investments are growing fast in popularity globally, and are growing in size and complexity too.
  • How active is your passive strategy?

    21 July 2017
    Passive investment management, or indexation, requires a great deal of attention to detail, advanced planning, and the human input of active decision making.
  • Urgent confidence recovery vital for SA

    13 July 2017
    South Africa is at risk of getting trapped in a protracted period of weak economic growth and further social and fiscal pressures
  • How data’s changing investments

    30 June 2017
    Grant Watson and John Gilchrist discuss the power of data and how it is a critical part of an asset manager’s tool kit when it comes to spotting market opportunities
  • Invest Where Our Fund Managers Invest: Grant Watson

    16 November 2016
    Grant Watson, Joint Boutique Head: Customised Solutions, discusses why he is passionate about investing alongside clients.
  • Invest Where Our Fund Managers Invest: John Gilchrist

    16 November 2016
    John Gilchrist, Joint Boutique Head: Customised Solutions, discusses how he is similar to clients and why it is important to be invested alongside them.
  • The case for indexation

    09 November 2016
    By a manager at the forefront of both active & index solutions
  • Why active vs. passive is not the debate SA investors should be having

    18 August 2016
    Globally and, more recently, locally, the investment industry has seen extensive debate around active versus passive investment strategies and which of these yield better results.