Peter Brooke

Head of MacroSolutions
  • MacroSolutions

BBusSci Finance (Hons)

Peter joined Old Mutual in May 2005 and has been the Head of MacroSolutions since 2007. He has specific responsibility for the dynamic funds − the higher return funds within the MacroSolutions range. These include institutional funds, such as the Profile Edge 28 Portfolio, and unit trust funds: Old Mutual Maximum Return Fund of Funds and Old Mutual Flexible Fund.

Having analysed countries and companies, Peter integrates top-down and bottom-up drivers and valuations to create an optimal portfolio. He has won a Raging Bull award for the best risk-adjusted fund in the overall prudential asset allocation category.

Peter is an award-winning analyst who has extensive experience in the investment arena. Prior to joining Old Mutual, he worked at a stockbroker for 10 years, as an analyst and equity strategist, and was the Head of Research and Head of Equities for Cazenove South Africa.