We are a leading specialist advisor in agriculture investments in Africa, providing qualified expertise in both production (farmland) and investment within this sector. Through our exclusive partnership with Old Mutual Investment Group, Africa’s largest private sector investment manager, we have firm roots and a significant network across the African continent. Our overall investment strategy has been designed to add value with funding, operational excellence and a social impact. And with over 100 collective years of experience in all agricultural disciplines, our dynamic and innovative team has achieved a solid track record of providing access to solutions that truly meet investors’ agri-investment needs.

  • Why Invest In African Agri Assets

    Why Invest In African Agri Assets

    Agriculture is an increasingly attractive asset class that offers exciting investment potential within a diversified portfolio.
  • People and Partners

    People and Partners

    UFF Agri Asset Management is strategically aligned with specialist partners who ensure a solid investment process by providing access to greater resources and networks.
  • Process


    The agriculture investments are in actual farmland and infrastructure, which are leased to approved operators to manage, develop and run.
  • Assets Managed

    Assets Managed

    We operate assets for various agricultural funds, managed by Futuregrowth and Old Mutual Investment Group
  • Responsible Investing

    Responsible Investing

    We see environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as key to managing investment risks, and we integrate these factors into the investment process.
  • Related Insights

    Related Insights

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  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Feel free to contact us on any of our products and we will be glad to assist.