Old Mutual Titan is an active investment manager established by performance- driven individuals who are passionate about investing. We were founded in 2017 by Pieter Hundersmarck, David Cook and Kyle Wales, all of whom left an established institution to build a global investment manager in partnership with Old Mutual.

Our primary goal is to create an enduring investment management business where generating alpha (or returns which exceed the market return) for our clients is our primary goal. Our hope is that our clients, stakeholders, employees and all others who interact with us understand and appreciate the five core principles that allow us to achieve this:


We operate with complete independence from outside influence on our investment process and philosophy; a position we strongly believe directly results in positive investment outcomes for our clients. We believe the more our clients understand and appreciate the benefits of our independence, the more likely they will be to entrust us with their savings. Our independence is protected by our high level of staff ownership.


Ownership empowers staff and entrenches long-term thinking across our business. Our founders operate our business on a partnership basis and are both meaningful shareholders as well as the core portfolio managers at Titan. We believe this creates a powerful alignment of interests for all stakeholders.

Taking a long term perspective

We do what is in the best long-term interests of our clients, even when this conflicts with short-term business objectives of growth or profits. The significant patient seed capital provided by our like-minded anchor investor, Old Mutual, allows us to truly invest for the long term without fear of redemptions, which is often a reason managers chase expensive stocks and markets higher, with the associated later losses when overvalued stocks return to their mean. This long-term perspective reverberates across our business, through our investment process and the manner in which we recruit and reward our employees, as well as the way we charge fees, where performance over the longer term is rewarded and underperformance rebated.

Earning our clients trust by placing their interests first

We treat our fiduciary duty to clients with the utmost seriousness, and this deep sense of responsibility extends to the manner in which we invest, which includes understanding risks outside pure financial ones, including environmental, social and governance issues. While producing excellent returns for our clients is our primary focus, it will always be done in a manner that prioritises treating our clients fairly, always.


Success in investments, and indeed any business, is achieved when teams of highly motivated and incentive-driven individuals work towards a common goal. We create an environment where personal accountability is nurtured and the status quo is challenged, and where we recognize that all members contribute to our success regardless of their seniority.