Old Mutual Titan is an independent, active global investment manager. Founded in 2017 by Pieter Hundersmarck, David Cook and Kyle Wales, Old Mutual Titan invests in global equities, following a long-term, valuation-driven investment approach.

Our primary goal is to create an enduring investment management business that generates alpha for our clients. Our distinguishing characteristics are:


With meaningful staff ownership (50%) in our business, our outcomes are always aligned with our clients’. Ownership empowers staff and entrenches independent, long-term thinking across our business. Our founders are both meaningful shareholders as well as the core portfolio managers, creating a powerful alignment of interests for all our stakeholders.


The philosophy and process we follow leads to a concentrated portfolio of stocks that are trading at a discount to their fair value. This allows us to take concentrated positions, leading to a high conviction, truly active, global equity strategy.

Global and Emerging Market Expertise

Our 10 years of global and emerging market experience enables us to take advantage of opportunities across all markets, as it is frequently the case that developed markets are expensive when emerging markets are cheap and vice versa. Additionally, emerging markets currently account for a large source of revenue for global businesses, and also account for a disproportionate share of growth in these revenue streams, so having an expertise in these markets allows for a robust valuation of global businesses.


We invest predominantly in high quality businesses which are able to grow at a faster pace than the market for an extended period. We believe the market incorrectly assesses the value of long term winners, and find many stocks that seem to trade at high multiples in the near term but are cheap in relation to their long term prospects.


We operate as a close-knit, high performance team that has worked together for over a decade. We have complimentary skill sets and temperaments which we believe is a key ingredient to success.