Responsible Investment

As a long-term investor, we believe that incorporating relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment and ownership decisions ultimately leads to improved risk-adjusted returns for our clients. Identifying issues that currently or at some point in the future may materially impact the long-term value of a company, gives us insight into a business’ ability to grow sustainably.

As shareholders, we regularly engage with companies’ management teams as well as actively exercising our voting rights.

We work closely with the Head of Sustainability Research and Engagement, who provides access to in-depth ESG information via the MSCI ESG screening and data tool.

We use the ESG ratings to sense-check the assumptions made in our fundamental company analysis and as a proxy measure of the quality of the company management in our factor model.

We subscribe to Old Mutual Investment Group’s responsible investment programme, including the Responsible Investment Guidelines and Proxy Voting Policy. 

In addition, our large team of analysts researches the management practices of companies. As shareholders, we actively exercise our voting rights, keeping the best interests of our investors are at the forefront of our decisions.

A summary of our proxy vote results is available here.