Responsible Investment

Responsible investing calls for asset owners to build requirements into their investment mandates regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. This in turn encourages asset managers to be mindful of these issues when constructing portfolios.

At MacroSolutions we understand the precepts of responsible investing and the associated risks and opportunities. From a top-down, or macro-thematic perspective, our lens is wide enough to capture ESG-driven trends that are impacting the investment arena.

From a bottom-up perspective, our analysts incorporate ESG-related risks and opportunities into their fundamental valuations in so far as they will materially affect the long-term value of a share. To establish these impacts our analysts have access to ESG-specific data and ratings provided by MSCI. This information can assist them in their decision-making processes and levels of conviction.

As responsible investors, we vote our proxies based on the recommendations of our team of analysts. We also engage with corporate management teams in order to promote sustainable business practice, which is in the best interests of our investors.

We subscribe to Old Mutual Investment Group's Responsible Investment Guidelines and Proxy Voting Policy, and work in close alignment with Old Mutual Investment Group's Sustainability team to ensure that we stay close to developments in this arena. In addition, we are represented on Old Mutual Investment Group's Responsible Investment Committee.