Our Funds

Please select the fund name to access the fact sheet pdf with updated portfolio manager commentary. Alternatively, please scroll down for an overview of our offering to institutional and individual investors.

Institutional Investors

Our Profile Portfolio range for retirement funds comprises risk-adjusted, multi-asset class solutions that span the risk/return spectrum. In addition, our suite of Global solutions provides access via both blended and single manager portfolios to a selection of proven internationally-based asset managers.

We also offer a medical aid solution that complies with the requirements of Regulation 30 of the Medical Schemes Act. Aside from our product suites, we build customised portfolios tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Individual Investors

We manage a range of unit trust funds on behalf of Old Mutual Unit Trusts, as well as a suite of life funds for Old Mutual Life. The latter are available via MAX and Fairbairn Capital only.