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The following aspects are consistent across all offerings:

    • Accountability. Portfolio managers take full responsibility for their funds.
    • Philosophy. Our philosophy is an integral component of our fund design, and is fully integrated into our day-to-day portfolio management processes.
    • Portfolio Oversight. The Portfolio Oversight Committee’s role is to:
        • Review the positioning and performance of funds;
        • Act as a sounding board for decisions;
        • Facilitate significant investment decisions, and
        • Ensure all decisions taken are consistent with our philosophy and the relevant fund process. 
  • Active Equity Process

    Active Equity Process

    We have four domestic equity funds which use completely different investment processes to generate alpha.
  • Alternatives (Hedge Funds) Process

    Alternatives (Hedge Funds) Process

    Hedge Funds leverage off the sources of alpha exploited by our Active Equity Solutions or capture sources of alpha
  • Indexation Process

    Indexation Process

    In constructing portfolios, we use either: Full replication or Optimisation
  • Risk-Managed Solutions Process

    Risk-Managed Solutions Process

    The investment process is driven by the targeted risk levels of the fund.
  • Shari’ah Solutions Process

    Shari’ah Solutions Process

    Our Shari’ah offerings include a Shari’ah equity portfolio, a Global Shari’ah equity portfolio and a Shari’ah Balanced Portfolio.