Risk Managed Solutions

Our capabilities follow a quantitative process that provides investors with exposure to the market, while providing some degree of capital protection. We utilise the following to meet our medium- to long-term objectives.

  • Exposure to growth asset classes (such as equity and property);
  • Diversification.  Our capabilities have exposure to different (preferably unique) sources of risks and returns; and
  • Active risk management. We aim to minimise the level of drawdowns.

By providing the adequate level of capital protection, our capabilities allow clients to remain invested in the market even during a financial crisis. Investors can therefore be less concerned about short-term market crashes (or uncertainties) and can instead remain focused on meeting their long-term savings objective.

We currently offer the following capabilities:

  • Wealth Defender Portfolio and Old Mutual Dynamic Floor Fund. These portfolios aims to maintain a diversified exposure to domestic and international asset classes that have the potential to beat CPI+4% (gross of fees) over three-year rolling periods. The risk objective of the portfolio is to minimise downside returns, and thereby generate absolute or positive returns on a consistent basis, aiming to achieve capital protection over rolling 12-month periods.
  • Capital Builder Portfolio. This is a fully-hedged portfolio of large cap equities, together with cash, bonds and money market instruments. Our risk management process optimises derivative usage to achieve capital protection without materially sacrificing returns.