Active Equity

We offer a range of capabilities that aim to provide investors with an alternative source of both alpha and diversification compared to traditional fundamental approaches. Our capabilities employ the following:

  • A Disciplined Strategy. Provides exposure to an investment theme that is proven to add value over the long term.
  • An Adaptive Strategy. Identifies themes driving the market and adapts to these themes through time.

We offer the following capabilities:

  • Managed Alpha Equity Portfolio. The portfolio aims to generate a total return that outperforms the equity market by systematically exploiting behavioural biases andinvesting in the themes that are current market drivers.
  • Managed Volatility Portfolio. The portfolio strives to ensure a smoother return path for investors, without sacrificing long-term returns, through opportunities created by the mispricing of risk.
  • Premium Equity Portfolio. The capability is constructed to provide an attractive combination of equity outperformance with lower risk.
  • Double Alpha Top 40 Portfolio and Double Alpha SWIX 40 Portfolio. These portfolios provide investors with unique sources of alpha through the combination of optimal derivative usage and the appropriate amount of credit and duration risk to meet its performance objective.