In Customised Solutions, we focus on partnering with clients and leveraging off our extensive skills and experience to create value-adding solutions that meet clients’ needs.

Our goal is to provide our clients with superior investment returns over the long run, regardless of the mandate. In addition to our pursuit of long-term returns, we also pay careful attention to the analysis and management of risk across all our portfolios. Investment decisions are a direct result of objectively-applied investment processes that are the product of rigorous research and analysis. Our distinctive investment approach leverages off our unique market-leading skill set and experience and leads to performance that is generally more consistent than, and uncorrelated with, competitor offerings.

In summary, we expect to add value in the long term, and ensure that risk (either relative or absolute) is appropriately managed.

Building Blocks are designed to be included into a clients’ existing investment strategy, with the objective of improving the overall outcome for the client. These building blocks include:

    • Active Equity: Aims to outperform the market by exposing the portfolio, on either a consistent or adaptive basis, to sources of excess return;
    • Alternatives: Aim to capture uncorrelated sources of alpha in a consistent and repeatable manner; and
    • Indexation: Tracks indices ranging from vanilla, through multi-asset class, to smart beta and customised constituents (both locally and globally).

Solutions leverage off the building blocks to create stand-alone portfolios that meet clients’ specific needs.

  • Active Equity

    Active Equity

    We offer a range of capabilities that aim to provide an alternative source of both alpha and diversification.
  • Hedge Funds

    Hedge Funds

    Alternatives aim to deliver consistent cash-plus returns by capturing unique sources of alpha.
  • Indexation


    Indexation constructs portfolios that track the relevant benchmark.
  • Risk-Managed Solutions

    Risk-Managed Solutions

    We target specific levels of capital preservation to ensure our clients do not suffer significant losses during turbulent market periods.
  • Shari

    Shari'ah Solutions

    Shari’ah Solutions leverage off the investment philosophy and approach of one of our Active Equity Solutions