We focus on growing our investors’ wealth while providing them with the valuable opportunity to contribute towards creating a more prosperous, sustainable South Africa. We have a track record of offering attractive alternative sources of equity returns primarily to institutional investors.

Our VISION is to be Africa’s premier alternative asset management firm and, over time, to grow into other emerging markets.


  •  Generate superior investment returns across our range of funds by uncovering attractive investment opportunities others have overlooked.
  • Build a loyal investor base by consistently delivering authentic investment outcomes and exceptional service.
  • Grow and retain our human capital by offering challenging and rewarding opportunities.
  • Have a positive impact on the communities in which we invest.


Our investments have a track record of generating higher returns than traditional asset classes over the long term.  They also tend to have a lower correlation to traditional asset classes − offering valuable diversification benefits for our clients.

Old Mutual has been building networks across Africa for 170 years.  Leveraging these relationships gives us the advantage in finding non-obvious investment opportunities.

Our entrepreneurial approach and on-the-ground experience in housing, infrastructure development, sustainable energy, education and private equity enhances our ability to select and deliver on our investments.