Schools Investment Fund

The primary focus of the Schools and Education Investment Impact Fund of South Africa (Schools Investment Fund) is on improving the level of education by creating access to affordable independent schools. The Fund finances infrastructure and education-related requirements of schools with the dual objective of delivering quality education and a commercially acceptable return.

Launched at the end of 2011 to address education infrastructure backlogs and to support the improvement of education in the country, it is the first and largest education impact fund in South Africa. The Schools Fund is funded by Old Mutual Life Assurance Company of South Africa (OMLACSA), the Government Employees Pension Fund (which is managed by the PIC) and the Eskom Pension and Provident Fund. The Fund has fully allocated its R1.4bn and further funds are being raised.

In addition to schools, the Fund also targets Further Education Training (FET).

 Impact so far across the active deals:

  • Approximately 16500 enrolled in 2017 across 24 schools
  • 1 074 staff employed in 2017, the majority being teachers
  • CLASS OF 2017:
  • Grade 12 pass rate of 92% achieved in 2017 
  • Bachelor pass rate of 42.83% achieved in 2017