As well as delivering superior returns to our investors, OMAI’s goal is to create positive outcomes and sustainable value for the communities and environments in which we operate. We showcase a variety of projects in education, housing and renewable energy that demonstrate just some of the impact our investments are making.

  • St Christopher’s

    19 March 2020
    Through its investments in quality affordable schools such as St Christopher’s, OMAI aims to improve the quality of education in the country.
  • Urbika Lifestyle Estate

    06 March 2020
    Urbika is a modern, eco-friendly residential housing development for the affordable and middle-income housing market. It boasts advanced green initiatives, EcoDistricts place-making principles and the latest property management technology.
  • Tourvest

    12 November 2019
    Tourvest touches on every piece of the tourism value chain, which has given it the unique ability to be a vital contributor to social and economic development across the country, including those areas untouched by traditional industrial development.
  • N3 Toll Concession

    11 October 2019
    The focus of N3TC is on customers’ need for safety, convenience, and mobility; shareholders’ need for wealth optimization; and communities’ need for long-term socio-economic development and sustainability.
  • BASA Schools

    01 October 2019
    BASA helps learners develop their personal ambition and sense of purpose. By graduation, they will have gained the qualifications, skills, and confidence to contribute positively to wider society.
  • Fourleaf Estate

    09 September 2019
    Fourleaf Estate is the result of fresh thinking, that incorporates many new features to the affordable homes market. The houses deliver significant energy savings through practical solutions.
  • Royal Schools

    26 July 2019
    The mission of Royal Schools is to enable students from lower income families to maximise their life opportunities through the access to quality, independent education.
  • KARINO Lifestyle Estate

    21 June 2019
    Jealous Tshwala, welcomes us into his home at KARINO, a secure and child-friendly community. Learn more about OMAI’s commitment to creating quality affordable housing that is also green building certified.
  • REISA Street Light Project

    21 June 2019
    Kele Mogorosi, Community Operations Officer at REISA, one of SA’s largest solar plants, speaks about the transformational impact of the Dibeng Solar Streetlights Project, which included the installation of 52 solar streetlights covering over 2 km of road.