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We are certified as a BEE Level 2* contributor (download the 2016/2017 B-BBEE CertificateB-BBEE Scorecard and B-BBEE Annexure) and believe in a holistic approach to empowerment. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we are conscious of the socioeconomic challenges facing South Africa and are committed to making a positive contribution to the building of a better society.

We also believe that there is a direct correlation between the prosperity of our company and the prosperity of our country: the more South Africa prospers, the more we will prosper. We therefore view empowerment as not only the right thing to do but as a business imperative – it is an integral part of everything we do.

Our strong transformation agenda ensures the socioeconomic advancement of previously disadvantaged individuals, with the aim of ensuring that we have a vibrant, socially-relevant and demographically representative staff complement.

Old Mutual Investment Group invests in the development and transformation of the industry via the Imfundo Scholarship Trust (see Ownership) which, in 2013, sponsored a total of 90 students across several South African universities. The intention of this scholarship initiative is to address the shortage of black investment professionals and grow the pool of suitably qualified people in the asset management industry.

Download our Impact Report for information regarding our transformation and other impact related activities.

* On a scale of level 8 to level 1, with level 1 being the highest possible rating