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As Invested As You Are

At Old Mutual Investment Group, we attract and retain the best investment talent by structuring our business into specialist teams, which we refer to as our investment boutiques. Each boutique focuses on managing a specific investment capability or asset class.

Most importantly, the boutique structure allows the investment professionals to own equity in their business, as well as to invest their own money alongside that of their clients in the funds they manage. It is this spirit of co-investment – and the resultant alignment with customers’ interests it engenders - that is encapsulated in our business ethos: As invested as you are.

Where The Fund Managers Invest

Isn’t it encouraging knowing that the financial wellbeing of our fund managers, who have their own ambitious investment goals and aspirations, is dependent on how successfully they manage your money?

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"I carefully consider every decision I make to ensure that not only our investors, but I too, achieve long-term growth."


Fund Manager Videos


Peter Linley

“What drives me? It’s my desire to win & deliver compelling outcomes to our clients”.


Peter Brooke

“I am confident investing alongside my clients
because I believe my funds are good.”


Urvesh Desai

“When investing someone else’s life savings, every decision is a big decision.”


Graham Tucker

“Investing alongside clients means that when I am making a decision for them, I am making a decision for myself too.”


Feroz Basa

“Knowing that I have added to someone's ability to retire is just the most rewarding feeling ever”.


Siboniso Nxumalo

“Clients have got the same needs, responsibilities, fears about the future and desires for success as we have”.


Grant Watson

Grant discusses why he is passionate about investing alongside clients.


John Gilchrist

John discusses how he is similar to clients and why it is important to be invested alongside them.